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Face Grooving Selection Chart 

Minimum Outside Face
Groove Diameter
Width of CutMax Depth of CutProduct Range
Ø6.2mmUp to 3.18mm6mmsimturn AX A06
Ø10mmUp to 4mm3mmsimturn AX A08
Ø12mmUp to 5mm12mmsimturn AX A10
Ø12mmUp to 3.18mm5mmsimturn DX D14.12
Ø14mmUp to 3.18mm5mmsimturn DX D14.14
Ø16mmUp to 4mm10mmsimturn DX D18
Ø16mmUp to 4mm15mmsimturn AX A08
Ø20mm2mm, 2.5mm12mmMINI
Ø20mmUp to 5mm30mmsimturn AX A10
Ø20mmUp to 3mm3mmsimturn E12
Ø30mmUp to 3mm3mmsimturn E3
Ø40mmUp to 8mm35mmNC
Ø70mm6mm, 10mm100mmT300